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Our Brands & Products

Over the years Sphere Group has changed and gone through many iterations, this includes our brands. Below is the current list of brands in the Sphere Group family.

Sphere Drones Sphere Group

Sphere Drones ↗

Sphere Drones is our drone (airborne, landborne, and waterborne) business with a wide range of services on offer.

Curo Sphere Group

Curo ↗

Curo is our asset management software combined with end-to-end client support services.

Nero Sphere Group

Nero ↗

Nero is our aerial water sampling solution built on years of experience and testing.

Paris Radio Sphere Group

Paris Radio ↗

Paris Radio is our radio equipment business servicing the consumer and commercial sectors.

Rise Above ↗

Rise Above is our consumer and prosumer drone business and the latest addition to the Sphere Group family.

Weather VOX Sphere Group

Weather VOX ↗

Weather VOX is our accurate weather reporting system, giving forecasts up to the minute.


Established in 2012, Sphere Group (‘Sphere Drones, Curo, Paris Radio’) is an Australian market leader in robotics technology (airborne, landborne, waterborne), communication, and business with a first-mover advantage.

Sphere Group helps hundreds of customers achieve the following:

  • Implement scale
  • Manage fleets
  • Meet ever increasing and complex regulatory standards
  • Turn industry first use cases to reality
  • Ensure innovation is at the forefront of their business

A broad scope of advisory services are performed by highly qualified and experienced staff across four states in Australia. Technical knowledge is backed by tenure in industry, premier business systems and process’, exposure to Australia’s largest drone programs and a multi-disciplinary team working across software, hardware, field operations, service, and product development.


Paris Cockinos Sphere Group

Paris Cockinos – CEO

Paris is the CEO of Sphere Group and Founder of Sphere Drones, with the goal of ensuring the team is always providing comprehensive solutions, offering objective design thinking, and industry advice.

Our Key Clients & Markets

Mining Market Sphere Group


Infrastructure Market Sphere Group


Security Market Sphere Group


Government Market Sphere Group


Wingcopter Drone Delivery Sphere Group
Aviation Market Sphere Group


Power & Utilities Market Sphere Group

Power & Utilities

Our Vision – Continued Innovation

Sphere Group is always evolving as we continue to create strides towards our ultimate vision. We are doing so in numerous ways including creating proprietary solutions, enhancing our business model, and innovating on the latest solutions.

Sphere Group continues to innovate when it comes to custom solutions and out-of-the-box thinking. We are currently doing so through our drone delivery offering, water sampler, and working to integrate airborne, landborne, and waterborne technologies and solutions.

Wingcopter Drone Delivery Sphere Group

Drone Delivery

By having access to the latest technology such as the Wingcopter 198 we can provide futuristic delivery solutions for things such as blood donations.

Sphere Drones Water Sampler Sphere Group

Water Sampler

Our water sampler solution has been providing our clients with an efficient, safe, and reliable method to test water without exposing humans to dangerous environments.

Integration Sphere Group

Airborne, Landborne, Waterborne Technology Integration

By having access to the latest technology, we can integrate airborne, landborne, and waterborne technology with one another to develop deeply connected solutions.

Our Partners

Sphere Group has built strategic partnerships through its brands, allowing us to get access to the latest technology that we can share with our clients and use to advance industries across Australia.

Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics ↗

Boston Dynamics is best known for its robot dog Spot and is focused on creating exceptional robots that enrich people’s lives.


Skydio ↗

Skydio is a US-based autonomous drone manufacturer with the mission of making the world more productive, creative, and safe with autonomous flight.


Wingcopter ↗

Wingcopter is a commercial drone manufacturer producing state-of-the-art delivery drones with a strong focus on improving lives through access to medical care.


Flyability ↗

Flyability is known for its Elios line of inspection drones with a vision of removing humans from dangerous jobs.


MicaSense ↗

MicaSense is an agricultural sensor manufacturer best known for its RedEdge and Altum sensors.

Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems ↗

Persistent Systems offers a offers a secure and scalable mobile networking capability based on its cutting-edge Wave Relay MANET Technology.


Freefly ↗

Freefly is a US-based drone and gimbal manufacturer best known for its Mōvi and Alta product lines.

Chasing Innovations

Chasing Innovations ↗

Chasing Innovations is focused on producing enterprise and consumer-grade subsea ROVs.

Deep Trekker

Deep Trekker ↗

Deep Trekker manufacturers enterprise-grade subsea ROVs and crawling robots to reach new areas.



QYSEA is committed to delivering high-quality R&D, manufacturing, and sales of subsea ROVs.


YellowScan ↗

YellowScan produces high quality LiDAR solutions with a commitment to delivering the highest level of performance, reliability and robustness for its solutions.


Gremsy ↗

Gremsy is a gimbal manufacturer with a focus on the enterprise space with a wide range of options and its famous gPort.

Go Professional Cases

Go Professional ↗

Go Professional one of the best in the drone hard case space with offerings for all major drone brands.


Ecoflow ↗

Ecoflow produces high quality power stations with the ability to keep you and your devices online and off-grid.



Teledyne FLIR manufacturers thermal payloads and drones for use in the enterprise, government, and military space.

Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions ↗

Motorola Solutions’ prides itself in its innovative communication solutions used daily by millions.


Icom ↗

Icom is a global leader in the communications industry that pride themselves on its products that are renowned for their high quality, innovation, reliability and design.



DJI is arguably the largest drone manufacturer with a focus on producing the best solutions for drone operations.

David Clark

David Clark ↗

David Clark Company has pioneered air and space crew protective equipment design, development and manufacture since 1941, with products ranging from anti-G suits to space suits.



RFI is a family owned Australian business founded in 1979 as a manufacturer of two way radio antenna systems.


Elistair ↗

Elistair designs and manufactures innovative tethered base stations for commercial drones.


Acecore ↗

Acecore Technologies was founded to raise the bar in terms of performance and looks in the UAV world. Starting out as end users in drone cinematography ourselves, it felt that there was no platform available that met our standards.


Aviassist ↗

Aviassist’s vision is to enable organisations to introduce, grow, and mature drone programs to realise the benefits in cost, efficiency, and safety.



With more than 40 years experience in the research, development and production of laser rangefinders, distancemeters and scanners RIEGL delivers proven innovations in 3D.

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